This is an actual office headset complete with an R9 jack on the end of its semi-coiled cord


The best call center headset doesn’t have to be beautiful and make your coworkers envious with features, but it does need to be comfortable for extended periods of time. Further, you can pair two smartphones with this device, which is handy if two people are sharing the headset or if you want to pair this with your smartphone and tablet together. This is an actual office headset complete with an R9 jack on the end of its semi-coiled cord. The headset also comes with SoundGuard technology on board, which will remove noises from your call that are too loud (decibels). Even if your headset feels like silk on your lobes, it’s going to get returned if the person on the other end of the line can’t hear you or you can’t hear them. This VOIP ready headset is compatible with virtually every office phone brand out there and features a 5-year replacement warranty that even protects against battery failure. The CALLANY headset may be lacking a few bells & whistles you’ll find on fancier models, but it won’t break the bank and is suitable for call center use under a wide variety of conditions. Sennheiser is a brand synonymous with premium audio products, and the Presence headset does not disappoint. The company mentions that the headset has a talktime of 12 hours, which is extremely useful during travel. There is a binaural version of this headset available as well if you prefer stereo. While I have an actual office with walls and everything, they are so thin it’s almost as if I was sitting in a cubicle. This headset includes noise-canceling to eliminate outside distractions for users and delivers natural sounding voices to callers on the other end through its enhanced DSP triple microphone. Working in a home office comes with a lot of perks but there are some big cons as well. However, it provides you with a decent listening experience, good call quality and the ability to tune out most distractions in your office environment. You will still get the headset as well as the accessories and documentation with the packaging, however. This USB headset features control buttons conveniently located on its wire to adjust volume and accept calls. Still, it’s a nice option if you often need to use your headset for conference calls or other office functions. If you’re new in the office, you’ll want to stop and look for your training guide immediately as buying the wrong kind of headset can sink. If you’re a PC gamer, you might not necessarily need a wireless headset as much as console gamers, but you’ll still need a comfortable headset that sounds great.